too late 4

Too Late(Shortfilm)

A magical movie about love, destiny and life…

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  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 19 Min.
  • Status: in Development (searching for production company)
  • Coming soon: 2018


Astronaut – Lost in Mind“ is about a confused astronaut on a foreign planet, who has lost his way physically as well as mentally and is now looking for a way to escape his loneliness. 

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  • Genre: Science fiction
  • Duration: 10 min.
  • Status: Postproduction
  • Film: Watch Pre Teaser
  • Coming soon: 2017
Bild 1 Abrupt


Experiments on our planet… How much can Earth endure? What is 
scientifically justifiable? Are we alone? The film is about a boy, who 
wants to spend a nice day with his father. But fate thwarts their plan.

  • Genre: Disaster / Scince fiction
  • Duration: 30 Min.
  • Status: Postproduction
  • Coming soon: 2016
Bild 2 - The Call

The Call(Shortfilm)

This Shortfilm is about a call between father and daughter. During the call you can feel the deep and emotional relationship between them. Due to a shocking incidence the call gets a sudden turn, which unfortunately had to suffer a lot of families all over the world.

  • Genre: Social Criticism / Drama
  • Duration: 03:45 Min
  • Status: Finished
  • Phase: Festivals
  • Film: watch
Bild 3_brief A

Brief einer Tochter / Letter of a daughter(Shortfilm)

Something unexpected happens after a party. It’s about the 
thoughts of a daughter to her mother. This film takes us on an 
intensive journey that hopefully teaches us something.

  • Genre: Social Criticism / Drama
  • Duration: 01:39 Min.
  • Status: Finished
  • Film: watch
Bild 4_Hän_1


This short film is about a boy, who processes his feelings 
through fairytale like dreams. It’s about child abuse by a parent and 
keeping the discussion about it alive.