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About Me

Ammar Sonderberg M. is a young film maker from Germany. In the 
year 2007 he won a prize for his first project. Since then his films 
have stirred up emotions in the audience. His short film “Letter from 
a daughter”, which was produced in a few days, has been watched and 
shared million fold on social media. His film “The Call” strikes a 
chord in its own way and will participate in festivals this year.

Besides various film projects he realized commercials (BASF, 
Sparkasse, E Plus Base…), music videos (Hot Rod G-Unit, Kay One etc.) 
and contributed to many German TV shows such as “Welt der Wunder” and 
“Abenteuer Leben” in the past. With time he concentrated more and more 
on film.

“Making films means telling stories, entertaining people 
and striking a chord with them but most importantly it means being a 
child again. For it is the truth that all of us have been directos 
once. And I really do mean all of us. When we were children we played 
with dolls and Legos and “made” films in our minds. Who still